Aggrieved 2019 Nigeria Customs Applicants

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Matters Arising from the final release of 2019 recruitment process

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has once again thrown many Nigerians into a state of quagmire by deceit and false hope.

Many Nigerian Youths’ life were put at risk as a result of what was tagged by NCS “2019 NCS shortlisted merit list screening” which was conducted in different zonal areas of the six  geo-political zones in the country between 1st and 10th of March, 2021 respectively.

The screening process was said to be commendable as the applicants through their comportment were found having an hitch free exercise as many officers in the screening ground having seen applicants’ open medical result opined that once the endurance test had been scaled through in the second day of the screening, the job is guaranteed. Behold, the applicants performance for the endurance test was worth appreciating.

However, almost 90% of the merit list ended up disappointed and their hopes shattered as the  Nigerians Customs Service brought out names of People with seeming nepotism.

With this high level of manipulation of citizens’ right, hence these following pleas

1. The unselected merited applicants want to know why the Nigeria Customs Service did not finally shortlist the 3,200 names as enshrined in the said agency’s 2019 and 2020 budgets approved by the National Assembly.

2. It would also please the hopeless unselected applicants to know why the federal character principle was abjectly neglected in the finally recruitment list.

3. We would want to know why it took 3 years to round off a recruitment that was budgeted for 3,200 applicants only to finally shortlist 1,545 persons

4. We would also want to know the basis through which applicants who had been congratulated were later dropped after a national newspaper publications comprising, dailytrust, sun newspaper etc.

5. It would also please the applicants and the general public to know why the Agency made a publication of another recruitment tagging it as “supplementary recruitment” which is purported to commence on 13th December through 24th, December, 2021 when the same Agency had released a supplementary list in July, 2021 sequel to the same 2019 recruitment process.

6. The law abiding unselected applicants would also want to know why did the Agency officially open files for applicants during the screening on March, 2021 when they knew, they are not the same people they would enlist into the service?


1. It was observed that, the published shortlisted names in daily trust on 1st November, 2021 had a questionable errors as many states were duplicated with names of another state, example of which States are, the names in Plateau State list level 04, was the same names in OYO State 04, the names in Delta State list level 03, was the same name in Enugu list 03, Ebonyi State under level 06 was found in two places while one has Ebonyi State  Local Government Areas’ names and the other one has Delta State Local Government Areas’ names

2. If this manipulation of people’s rights is not well treated, it may push some ill-maltreated applicants into illegal act as they have started seeing themselves as forbidden citizens.

3. If the Federal Government did not properly investigate this mayhem of erroneous recruitment process, individuals or family hood will one day confiscate the governance of this country.


1. We call on the Federal Government to question the ingenuity of this recruitment process.

2. We call on the National Assembly to find out why the approved number of applicants to be recruited was intercepted.

3. We call on the Minister of Finance, Comptroller General of Customs and Nigeria Customs Board to please brief the law abiding unselected applicants their incapacitation for the disqualification of almost 90% of the merited applicants to save us from this emotional and psychological trauma that has been brought about by this recruitment process.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

From all of us

Aggrieved 2019 Nigeria Custom Applicants

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