Npower: You Will Be Paid, Even If Redeployment Says “Pending”

If you are an Npower Batch C applicant awaiting redeployment please do not fret, you will be paid as long as you have completed your npower physical verification exercise.

All Npower redeployment process is ongoing and sorting and placement is at its concluding phase, as soon as the redeployment process is completed all Npower Batch C applicants under this category will be duly notified.

All Npower batch c applicants are advised to avoid falling for fraudsters especially at this period of desperation and at this crucial period, lots of scammers are looking for gullible Npower applicants to trick.

Should you have any issue or in a state of doubt and need clarification please always endeavour to reach Npower at the dedicated self service email at


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