Npower: What Account Validity Means

If you got the message to submit additional account details because your account details have not been validated, it simply means there is a disparity between your actual banking details, and the banking details an N-Power Batch C Volunteer supplied to Npower.

What I mean is that for instance if your account name is John Allen Doe, and you when entering your account details you entered the wrong account name say Allen Doe John your account will not be validated and you will not receive stipend.

In addition to that, if your BVN number being supplied to Npower during registration is different from your regular BVN number, or there was a slight error on your BVN number and because you were inputting it in a hurry you omitted a number, your account will be difficult to validate and you will not be paid.

Lastly if your account number is different from your regular account number, probably an N-Power Batch C Volunteer made a mistake by omission, you will not be paid.

If you feel you are having this issue or in a state of doubt or confused just send all your banking details to Npower via Npower dedicated phone numbers 092203102, 018888148 or send an email to email heading should be “Account Details” then the body of your email should include your Npower ID and all your bank account credentials, please take note, do not send your ATM PIN as this is not required.


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