Bought A Ring & Wanted To Propose To My Girl Inside Church Today, But I Failed

After i bought a ring and wanted to suprise my girl today after service, i was suprise to walk out of the church and headed straight home like i never had a plan..

i want to do it in a very romantic way, i’ve watched videos on youtube and thought today was the day, but i have not gotten the courage yet..

I kno very well she will say yes, as this has always being her prayer, but i still don’t just know the best way to do it..

I will have to wait again till next sunday, as i told myself i will propose to her inside the church.

please nairalanders, i need a method that will be romantic, i don’t just want to propose to her, but rather, i want it to be very romantic..

should i just walk to her and do it, or is there a better way i can do it to make it more romantic?

Please help me reach more people, next sunday is the day.. Thanks

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