What A Pastor Was Caught Doing In A Beer Parlour

I will not call the name of my church for some reasons, but my church is that type that dosn’t have a parmanent pastor.

So, we always have a new pastor almost every four or five years.

Recently, a new pastor was transfered to us, this my new pastor is very good when it comes to preaching the word of God, and things that helps in the development of a church.. infact, so many good things have been going ‘on’ in my church since his arrival.

But the problem is that, he is that kind of pastor with swag, He goes to beer parlour to drink, he can go to gathering to play draft, (imaging the kind of people u see in a beer parlour of draft gathering), and because of this things he does, some people (expecially other churches) use it against us the members..

People we be like, una pastor wey dey drink beer.. And we don’t even know how we can deffend him or ourself when we are being attacked by these people..

We are currently loosing members on a daily basis, and i’m not happy with it.

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