Nine (9) Things That You Need To Know About A Woman’s Nipple

A woman’s nipple is at the center of each of her breast, and it is connected to the mammary glands where milk is produced. The nipple is used to breastfeed a child. There are certain facts about a woman’s nipple, that you should know. They include the following:

1. There are 4 to 8 types of nipples

A woman’s nipple can be flat, protruding, inverted, multiple or divided. A woman can also have a protruding nipple on one of her breast, and the other would be inverted.

2. Having an inverted nipples is normal

An inverted nipple is the type that goes inside, instead of protruding out. This type of nipple still carrys out the same function, as the normal one. Inverted nipples may disappear after breastfeeding a baby, and it doesn’t cause any issue when breastfeeding.

3. You can have two nipples on one areola

The areola helps to support the nipple and it also contains montgomery’s glands that helps to keep the nipple moisturized, during breastfeeding. It is possible to have two nipples on one areola, and it is called double or bifurcated nipple. Both of the nipples may produce milk at the same time, depending on your ductal system.

4. Your nipple may have hairs

It is normal for you to see hairs grow around your nipple because, it has hair follicles around it. You can remove those hairs, if you are not comfortable.

5. Nipples can change in size

According to a research, a woman’s nipple can change in size when she is pregnant. There could be also changes made to the width of the areola.

6. Some women may be born without nipples

There is a rare medical conditon that can make a woman not to have a nipple, and it is called athelia. This condition may be treated using breast reconstruction.

7. Some women may have multiple nipples

The term for having multiple nipples is called supernumerary nipples. According to a research, there are certain people who have multiple nipples.

8. A woman’s nipples can change colour

A woman’s nipples can change colour as a result of certain things like temperature, pregnancy and time. With time, a woman’s nipple may get darker.

9. A woman’s nipple discharge may appear abnormal

A nipple discharge from one or both of a woman’s breast, may not be normal. It could be a sign of health issues like hyperthyroidism or cysts. If you also notice bloody discharge from your nipple, it is important to visit a doctor.

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