The people of Idoma are found in the southern part of Benue State with an estimated population of about 3.5 million. The Idoma region of Benue State comprises of seven local government councils which include

• Ado Local government
• Agatu local government
• Apa local government
• Ogbadibo local government
• Ohimini local government
• Okpokwu local government
• Otukpo local government

The Idoma people are the second largest ethnic group in Benue State. The Idoma people are well known with the “red and black” colours which represent their traditional cultural attire.

Popularly called “Apa” by many parts of Idoma land, the black colour on the attire symbolizes the dignity and unity that binds the people together irrespective of their various clans and dialects while the red colour represents the royalty of the the people as regards to the lion, which is the “Agaba of the Idu Kingdom” and strength that binds together.

The attire is worn during burial ceremonies, festivals, weddings and village meetings. There attire can be with beads, caps and shoes.

The attire is also a fashionable item and can be sewn in different styles ranging from gowns, suits, caps, mufflers and wrappers.

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