Traffic Rules In Nigeria And The Penalties For Breaking Them

When there are rules, then there will likely be violations. Traffic violations are many of the offences road users commit every time they use the busy roads in their country. The Nigerian government founded the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in February 1988. The reason for this was to ensure the safety of road users on our different Nigerian roads across the country.

The FRSC, to ensure that its operations have meaningful direction, established some rules and regulations. These rules are to help motorists make safe use of the roads. Unfortunately, some motorists are stubborn. They always end up violating these rules.
Below are some of the rules and their penalties.

1. Overloading.

Many road users are guilty of this violation. You are not expected to load your car in such a way that it will become hard for the car to move or it poses danger to the other road users. An overloaded car is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode

For example, when the tyres of an overloaded vehicle bursts when the car is on high speed, it will be very difficult or impossible to control such vehicle. This may be dangerous to you and the other road users. If you are caught violating this rule, you will be made to pay 10,000 naira.

2. Failure to report accident.

If as a driver, you were involved in a road accident, and you failed to report it to FRSC, you will be made to pay 20,000 naira if eventually caught.

3. Assaulting Marshal on duty.

An officer of the FRSC is called Marshal. All officers of the FRSC must be treated with respect. As a road user, you are bound by law to treat FRSC officers respectfully. If by any way you assault a Marshal on duty, you will be fined 10,000 naira.

4. Bribery.

You are not expected to bribe a Marshal of the FRSC. If you are caught doing this, you will pay 10,000 naira as fine.

5. Worn out tyre and no spare tyre.

The only reason why a driver will continue driving with a worn out tyre is because he does not have a spare tyre. As a driver, you are expected to drive with new tyres. When those tyres become old, change them with new ones. If you are caught driving with a worn out tyre, and you still do not have a spare tyre, you will pay 3,000 naira.

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