Idoma is one of the major tribes in Benue state. The tribe is blessed with beautiful women all over the state. Marriage in Idoma land is considered a lifelong state of union, although divorce is possible on the grounds of Infidelity. For any young man looking for a wife, marrying an Idoma woman would be one of your best decisions ever. Therefore, here are some facts you must be in the know of.



Idoma Women are Beautiful.


The State is one of the States in Nigeria that has been able to produce many beautiful women as far as this country is concerned. When you get to Idoma land, you might end up in  quandary trying to figure out who is more beautiful. At every street in Idoma land, beautiful ladies abound. Therefore, if you are the type that love to marry a beautiful wife, this tribe is good for you!


Your stomach is in a safe hands

Benue is the food basket of the nation therefore, you should know  that Benue people  do not have food problem. When you marry an Idoma woman, she won’t make you go hungry. Idoma women  are good cooks and will give you your favorite dish as well as any food of your choice. After all, it’s been said that “ we are what we eat”. So, if you love to look good, try an Idoma woman!


They are under the control of “Alekwu” which makes it difficult for them to cheat in Marriage.


The “Alekwu” which is the deity of the Idoma tribe is there to regulate Adultery and Infidelity by punishing offenders.  An Idoma woman whose bride price was legitimately paid by the Husband is not expected to cheat on her husband. Any attempt to cheat on you, she would face it squarely from the Deity. This is Practiced mostly among the Ogbadibo people and others.  So, there may not any need of suspecting your wife for cheating on you.



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