Starting a Bet9JA shop and becoming an agent is quite easy and lucrative, right in this article we will be deeply discussing the benefits and processes involved in becoming a Bet9ja agent with ease.

Nawadays, We all know that one of the fastest ways of making money is via sport betting, and it has become rampant in Nigeria so long you can forecast the outcome of a game, be it the number of goals, number of corner kicks, straight win or even a draw, perhaps that’s why you can find teenagers, youth and even adults investing in sport betting.

In this article we will be using Bet9ja as a case study because we have so many betting companies in Nigeria and we definitely can’t discuss all at once in, of course Bet9ja is one of the most popular betting companies in Nigeria and has a very high odd. This article is basically for those who are interested in becoming a bet9ja agent, this article will guide you on how to successfully apply and be approved as bet9ja agent in Nigeria.


So many advantages in becoming a bet9ja agent, the most importance advantage is that you will be getting a constant inflow of money. Obviously because of the popularity of the company in Nigeria and of course it has become a household name already.

Here the commission rate is based on turnovers, you earn a certain percentage for every bet you print, for instance if the percentage for every bet ticket printed is 15%, then you will make 30 naira from a 200 bet ticket and so on. It’s not your business if the person that is playing the bet win or not, so long a ticket is printed your percentage is guaranteed.

Also if the person that played the bet wins, you are losing nothing, your percentage will still be giving to you in full, so obviously you bear no risk at all, be it winning or losing, you only ensure the bet company pays a winning ticket as at when due to avoid harassment and fracas from the stakers.
Yes, another advantages/benefits are that Bet9ja provides free training for courses for you and your team members. You will be thought and trained on how on how the betting system works for the virtual and real life games.
It will surprise you to know that Bet9ja company has thousand life betting events for football every week, this is usually why many people takes advantage of the massive daily events.

In this segment we will put you through on how to go about the registration processes with ease, now before doing the online registration on Bet9ja website, here are the following requirements that are not optional, hence must be handy.
A. You and your staff members must be computer literates
B. You must own a shop in a busy area, say area that has more of youths and students.

C. You must have laptops/computer, televisions, steady power supply, internet connection

D. The shop should be quite far from any existing bet9ja shop around.

Upon the successful completion and approval of your center/shop, an account will be created for you, and you will be asked for a sign-up fee that’s between 75,000 100,000, upon paying this amount, the following items will be given to you.
i. A Bet9a account
ii. Thermal printers
iii. A Bet9ja banner to advertise your shop.

If you have the aforementioned items available, you can proceed to registration on their website below: https:://agents.bet9ja.com/register.

A. Locate their onsite office and Submit the required documents to them

B. Document and familiarization with Bet9ja staff, seek for more clarification if need be

C. Verification of premises

D. If approved, then you will proceed to signing of agent contract.

Congratulations in advance as you embark on this lucreative journey…

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