Npower: Format For Making Complains To NASIMS For Quick Response

Lots of Npower Batch C Volunteers have been having series of issues ranging from pending deployment to payment failed issues, but the Npower Batch C Volunteers really do not know how to compose their issues to get quick response from Npower NASIMS.

Npower NASIMS have lots of issues on queue on their desk, in order for you to get quick response from Npower NASIMS please adhere to the “keeping it short” strategy, please avoid long stories when laying your complain.

The Npower NASIMS staffs are extremely busy so adding more to their task by making your complains lengthy will do more harm then good.

When laying your complain please always adhere to the format below, say you are having a “payment failed” issue, when composing your message please follow the below format

Issue: Payment Failed

Npower ID: This can be found on your NASIMS payroll tab beginning with NPWR/2020…..

Name on NASIMS profile:

Bank Name:

Account Number:

Account Name:

For Npower Batch C Volunteers without smart phones, all the above information should be sent as SMS to: 092203102, 018888148

Those with smart phones should send the above information to:

Please once the message delivers please avoid sending repeated messages to Npower NASIMS, doing that will increase the messages in the pool, and makes your issues to be pending for a very long time.

Do not provide your BVN number because it is also in the Npower NASIMS database

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