Preventive Meassures You Should Immediately Take After Unprotected Sex

Often times things we didn’t plan for happens and we must not dwell on it but rather seek solution, In this article we are going to be talking about the things to do after unprotected sex.

If by any chance you have intercourse without protection, don’t panic, there is always a solution to avoid infection or the chances of getting pregnant.

There are many steps you can take to control the consequence of having unprotected intercourse or the case where the condom bursts.

Several persons lose control of themselves, after realizing that they did it rawly without protection, Which is not supposed to be so
After having sex without protection, first, you excuse yourself from the bedroom and rush to the bathroom to clean yourself up.

Wash off all the lingering fluids from your vagina or p*is, to avoid bacteria that could cause urinary tract infection (UTIs).

After you must have gently wash the private part very well, you try to pee to get rid of the remaining fluid inside your private part.

But just know that if you have raw intercourse with your partner as a woman, washing off the fluid from your vagina wouldn’t reduce the risk of you getting pregnant. That’s because sperm has already traveled towards the egg.

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