SHOCKING: Guess What A 17 Year Old Boy Was Caught With

Police in Kwazekele have secured the successful arrest of a 17-year-old boy after they found a revolver inside his home drawer at Anita Drive, Barcelona Ext 12.

According to the saps news report, on Thursday 18 November 2021 an Off-duty police officer who was waiting outside his house in Anita Drive, Barcelona Ext 12 spotted a 17-year-old boy tucking a firearm into his pants, he immediately got into his vehicle and followed the young boy to see where he was going.

The young boy arrived at his home and went inside while the police officer was outside in his vehicle, he called SAPS Gelvandale and requested for backup, when they arrived they went inside to search the house and a discovery of a revolver inside his bedroom drawer, he was immediately arrested for an unlicensed firearm.

He will soon make an appearance in court to face the charge.

These are some of the comments from people on social media:

Siphiwe Bheki wrote”Welldone on that, these youngsters are dangerous they kill and they mean it”


Prince Mpho wrote”wow what a hero , and as its Friday this means either this unlicensed firearm was going to be used to kill one of the students , I mean I’m in the township and this occur almost every Friday as gang invade schools and start a fight , or its been harassing those coming from work or going to work , but the brave police officer put all that to a stop”

God protections on us all.

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