SHOCKING: How Plane Crash Survivors Had To Eat Themselves To Survive

In the year 1972, on the 13th of October, a plane known as the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 left Argentina to Santiago. The flight was taking the old Christians Rugby club to play a game. A 19 year old Man named Roberto Canessa was a medical student on board that plane.

In other for the Rugby players to get to their destination, they had to take a small plane and fly over the Andes mountains. The trip was not an easy one from the start but the pilot had flown over the area many times.

They met alot of turbulence on the road, a mistake caused the plane to descend while still over the mountain. It did not take long for the plane to crash into a snow capped peak. Alot of the passengers lost their lives while Canessa and a few others survived but with injuries.

The mountain was so cold and filled with so much snow that alot of the passengers died the next day because of the freezing cold. Some were also killed by an avalanche that buried the passengers.

The remaining survivors tried their possible best to stay alive, they even had to use the seat of the plane as blankets to stay warm. They also made use of the aluminum from the plan in other to melt snow into water and drink.

Water was not a problem for them because they were surrounded by snow, the only issue they had was food. They were able to manage the little food they had but it was not enough. As time went by they started eating any object in the plane, even the plane scraps and foam.

Sadly the objects they ate only made them sick and they had only one choice left. They had to eat themselves if they wanted to survive until they get rescued. They all made the decision to eat those that were already dead from the crash.

The idea did not sit well with them at first, they felt like it was really a terrible thing to do but they had no choice. They all promised that if any of them died, their bodies would serve as food to the survivors.

After much arguments the survivors had to use broken glass to cut out the flesh from the dead bodies, they also dried them in the sun before eating. They spent months in the freezing cold, even the search team thought there were no survivors.

One day the Men decided to help themselves out by searching for help. Two of the survivors trekked for 10 days before they could find help. Out of the 45 people that were on that plane, it was just 16 people that survived in the mountains and were rescued.

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