Why You Must Investigate Your Girlfriend’s Exs Before Marriage. A Must Read-Real Life Experience



Guys make sure you do a thorough investigation on your fiancee’s ex datedates and boyfriends before making her your life-time partner to avoild stories that touch because a broken relationahip is far better than a broken marriage

I am writing to formally inform you to ensure you painstakingly and meticulously examine the type of guys your girlfriend has dated in the past. Please and please don’t fall for the scam of ” my past stays in the past”. Dig the past, scrutinize all you have unearthed before you finally propose.

I saw a former colleague recently and he was almost a shadow of himself. He narrated how he is just recuperating from all his loses. He said his Church revealed to him that his wife is a pipe that keeps sucking his wealth and remitting his resources to the yahoo guy that performed the ritual on her. He explained how his logistics company crumbled and I almost cried. He said the court officially dissolved their marriage on a Friday, on Wednesday (the following week), a small reputable company gave him an offer to head their supply chain unit.


Please and please do not touch any lady that a Yahoo boy/man has touched. Fortunately they no longer hide their rituals. Please as an ambitious young man, dig into your potential wife’s past. Know her dating history and the type of people she has dated.

Approximately 5 years ago there was this guy that invited us to a treat after his wedding while we were chilling someone asked him how did you meet your spouse he said “we met on a plane”. To cut to the chase, the guy met a lady that a sugar Daddy was sponsoring to Dubai and “wifed” her. How can you meet a lady in business class who has no real job and the parents can not afford a 1999 Toyota and you say na she you wan marry? Although him body tell am and he advised himself.

As an ambitious young man the final trap ahead is your partner. Guide your steps towards marriage jealousy. The signs are always there. Your downfall begins when you marry an unfortunate person. I have seen someone who earns 650k monthly dismissed because of cheque issued on an unfunded account (No be juju be that?) He said the pressure from his wife was becoming unbearable. This was same wife that was catered for by a Sugar Daddy before the mumuni “wifed” her.

Finally, I will advise you to take this piece of advice: start digging. Never date a yahoo or sugar Daddy by-product. Your college girlfriend is using a premium iPhone and you know quite well that the parents are poor and she often calls you for bailout funds and you think one magical uncle gave her the phone?



A word they say is enough for the wise,  and a broken relation is far better than a broken marriage

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