Hostel Fire Outbreak Kills A Female Student, Properties Destroyed

A 100 level student from Donga LGA of Taraba State has reportedly died in a fire outbreak at Zenith Hostel In Taraba State University University. Her identity was revealed to be Miss Emuseh Lawi,  from Tourism  department.

It was reported that the student died when there was an unexpected fire outbreak that destroyed part of the female hostel of the school university.


It was gathered that the victim was deep asleep when the fire started and apparently she become unconsciouse due to excessive inhale of carbon monoxide,  which actually took the intervention of some students in the hostel to break into her room and bring her out while she was still unconscious and later was confirmed dead in the hospital.

While the fire was blazing,  it actually took the quick intervention of the students and security personel to bring the condition under control learnt that fire really damaged some part of the female hostel,  properties and other valuables belonging to students.

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