A lady’s proposal was turned down by her boyfriend amidst crownd, the proposal we learnt took place in Awka Mall, Anambra state on Sunday, Dec. 19.

The man looks so embarrassed as the lady went down on her knees to propose to him and to the utmost suprise of everyone present,  he turned down her proposal.

shoppers begged the boyfriend.

“Bro, accept now,”

“I’m the one supposed to give her a ring,” the man said as he refused the proposal.

Some of the passerby told him in Igbo that it doesn’t matter who gives who a ring, as long as they love each other.

“If you were the one, how would you feel about it?” the boyfriend asked one of the men encouraging him to accept the proposal.

“If I like her, I’d accept the ring immediately,” the man in the crowd told the man being proposed to.

“We’ve been together all day and at no point did she give me a heads-up that she will propose,” the man said in Igbo as his fellow men begged him to accept the proposal and save his girlfriend the embarrassment.

As shoppers gathered to watch the scene, the woman who proposed remained on her knees crying and another woman from the crowd walked up to hold and console her.

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