Black Soot: Causes, Dangers, Simple Ways To Protect Yourselve And Your Families.


The upward surge of black soot in Nigeria,  most especially in oil producing state is becoming a thing of great concern. In most part of Rivers State like Port Harcourt, Eleme, Obio Akpor and Ikwerre Local government, the residents of these places have been crying out because of the sudden increase of black soot all over the places, their houses, offices, shops, cars and even on their body parts.


What Is Black Soot?

This can be defined as the byproduct of incomplete combustion of carbon in the air.  In most cases it is caused by the illegal oil activities of bunkers and vandals, black soot mostly settles on plane and open spaces, and virtually everywhere so long that particular area can be reached by air because it is transported by wind.

Residents around illegal refineries are the ones mostly hit by black soot because it is carried by air and of course same air are been inhaled by these residents which is very dangerous to their health.

Causes of Black Soot

Black soot basically is the byproduct of the burning of fossil fuels. This includes burning coal for electricity or industrial fuel, manufacturing, oil refining, and motor vehicles. Soot enters the environment either as a solid particle or as a gas which turns into a particle after it has been released.

Hence,  black soot is caused by the incomplete combustion of fosil fuel from that activites of humans

But in some cases in Africa,  Nigeria to be precise and mostly in oil producing areas,  black soot is caused by the illegal oil activities or illegal bunkering that goes on in in the cities or nearby cities.


Dangers of Black Soot 

Reliable figures and researches has proved that particle exposure leads to around thousands of deaths all over the world each year.

Black soot-related diseases are the culprit of many of them. Moreover, black soot exposure causes more than 500,000 asthma attacks and more than two million lost workdays annually due to respiratory problems.

Black soot can enter the body through inhalation, ingestion or via the skin and eyes. These toxic particles can cause breathing issues, including asthma, bronchitis, coronary heart disease, and even cancer. Infants, the elderly, and those who already have breathing problems are the most affected.

To avoid the health risks of soot exposure after a home fire, make sure that all soot-affected areas are properly cleaned and sanitized with detergent.


1. Use of Nose Mask As A Habit

Nose mask filters air before inhaltion, hence cultivating the habit of putting on a nose mask in this period is one of the best preventive measures as it will prevent you from inhaling the contaminated air,  because a huge part of the air people living in such polluted area inhale are not clean and fresh.

2. Windows And Doors Always Shut

Basically black soot travels by air,  and enters your home through the windowa and doors, try your best to close every door and window when you are not around. This will help reduce the black soot in your home.

3. Contact with Open spaces Should Be Minimized

Black soot settles mostly in open spaces,  hence can be contacted in such areas, so contact with open space should be cut short in order to avoid your hands coming in contact with the soot affected areas.

4. Constant Cleaning

The habit of cleaning has proved to be one of the ways soot can be done away with. Surfaces should be cleaned daily in order to avoid the accumulation of soot. This would reduce the amount of black soot gathered around the house and offices. Air vents should also be dusted from time to time. Yes black soot always find it’s way into the home through air conditioners, doors and other openings in the homes. So always be mindful of such areas.

5. A Daily Heathy Lifestyle

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is one of the best of of staying free from soot, the implication of not keeping a healthy lifestyle like washing your hands and faces after being out all day can’t be overemphasised. While this sounds like a basic advice, it is important to note that it prevents the soot from contact with the mouth. Your face and hands may have gathered germs and might have touched the open surfaces filled with the soot,  so it is good you wash them regularly.

6. Bathing Regularly

Yes it is very important for residents to take shower at least three times daily. By having multiple baths daily, in order to get settled soot off the skin,  thereby avoilding itching skin that might lead to skin injuries or cancer.

7. The Skin Should Be Covered Always When Outside

Like they will say that difficult times requires tough measures,  wearing protective clothing will help many residents. Wearing long sleeves shirts and long trousers or skirts are good options pending permanent solution to the pollution, also hand gloves, face mask should  be worn when leaving the house and when doing your general cleaning.

Lastly,  while doing your general sanitation,  wearing safety equipment to protect the lungs, skin, and eyes is essential in reducing soot exposure dangers.

We believe you have learnt something meaningful and hope you keep safe always

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