Priceless Smiles On A Woman’s Face After Killing Her Fiance That Took Methamphetamine With Her

The pricesless smiles on a suspected killer has captured the attention of many.

A murder suspect identified as Brittany Wilson, was pictured with a joyous face after being charged with killing her fiance with a sword on Christmas Eve after the couple was high on meth.

Brittany Wilson (left), 32, is accused of killing her boyfriend, Harrison Foster (right), 34, with a sword on Christmas Eve after taking methamphetamine earlier in the day.

The murdee suspect, 32, was found outside the Cape Girardeau home she shared with 34-year-old Harrison Stephen Foster with blood on her clothing and a sword lying in the front yard. The suspect had called police shortly after 11p.m. on Friday to report that she had killed Foster with a sword, cops said.

Brittany Wilson told investigators that she believed he had several other entities living in his body, and she was setting him free by stabbing him, police said

After officers arrested Wilson, they went inside the home and found her Harris dead with several fresh stab wounds.

Meanwhile Wilson and Foster were planning to get married after they sharing on Facebook their engagement on April 17.

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