How My Girlfriend Was Exposed In A Hotel I Lodged

My lovely girlfriend is a sweet woman who always give me sense of assurance. She is very decent, caring and respectful. She is so firm that it took 4 months before we could talk about romance or trying it out.

She is well known in my family circle. I base in Lagos, she stays with her parents in ibadan, but she usually come around when my family members are having a gathering. She will cook for us, do the chores. Everyone grew found of her. My siblings do even ask of her. “Where is Anu? Take care of the lady ooo”. My mom who hardly get along with our girlfriends always ask about her. All these made me to be sure that’s the woman I was going to marry. After all, my people already knew her and they are getting along well. No complain from any angle

The Genesis Of The Problems

Late October 2021, I informed her that I would be attending a ceremony in ibadan where stays. She was exited, she even told me she missed me, the kisses, sxx etc. She can’t wait to see me again. I was excited too.
I texted her the hotel address when I got to Ibadan.

She came, we hug, and she started kissing me, but we later calmed down afterall we are just seeing and we still have the whole night. So no rushing. She told me she saw domino pizza opposite the hotel that she is hungry for it. And this is where the devil came in.
She took some cash and prepared to go and buy the piza. She was walking out towards my hotel room door, so I stood to accompany her to the door, more importantly help her with the door. She opened the door before I got there, but I was behind her. A guy also came out from a room not directly opposite mine, (I actually knew when the guy checked in. He was dragging his trawl on the room walkway, so I guess he was a new guest).

As my babe came out, the guy was coming out of his room giving my babe seductive look. Immediately he saw there was a guy behind her, he quickly looked away. He went out of the hotel via the walkway, my babe also followed him because they were coincidentally going towards the same direction.

Truth be told, I never suspected anything. I was even mocking the guy in my mind, my girlfriend is the last person you want to mess with.
She came back with the pizza, sat on the bed, munch while she was busy pressing her phone. I suspected something must have crop up with the way she was busy chatting on whatsapp. She gave me no attention. So I joined her on the bed. With sad face she asked if I have tissue, I asked what happened, she said her period just came now. I said the bathroom has a tissue paper. She went in spent minutes in the bath, came out of the bath, to pick another pant in her bag. (She came with clothes, because she want to spend few days with me). She went back to the bathroom wash, did some other stuff.

She joined me on the bed, put my hand on her padded private. She used tissue paper as sanitary pad. She said sorry, I Bleep up. I said no she shouldn’t feel sorry. Her menstruation is my joy. Afterall you are not here because of sex. We have a lot to talk about tonite. So relax lets enjoy the night. She then told me she can’t spend the night. She has to go on the same day, before evening. She gave me reason that when her menstrual cramp starts she always boil water and other things. Hotel is not the right place for it. I agreed. 6pm, she packed and started going, I was busy on my laptop fixing my office assignments. I stood to see her off. She insisted that I should continue. No need. But I insisted, as I saw her off to the door, she insisted again, go and do your work na. I will take a bike just at the entrance, I don’t know what happened, I just agreed saw her walk out the walkway, I banged my door and continue my work on the laptop.

Then few seconds later, even if she wanted to get a bike, she will still be waiting outside for one, I remembered that the plate I used for lunch still has some leftover food and if not discarded will constitute foul stench in my room. So I picked up this plate to try and place it outside my door so housekeepers could pick it up.

I opened my room door, bend down to drop the plate at my door foot, I noticed someone standing at the door indirectly opposite mine. The person was knocking gently and calling on mobile too. I guess the person is trying to call the occupant of the room. But he/she was being careful not to knock the door loudly. I always mind my business, I said to myself, why do I care, this is a hotel. So I attempted to close my door. But then, something occurred to me, the person is a female and she wore white shirt, exactly like my babe. Out of curiosity, I looked back what I saw made me sick for days. The memory keep hitting my heart like dagger.


It was my woman, I didn’t know she saw me and became frozen looking at me praying I do not look back. But I looked back and saw her. She was shaking with her mouth widely opened. Then while the looking competition was on, the door opened and the guy opened the door waiting for her to come inside, when she didn’t go inside, the guy must have noticed she is looking at someone on the walkway, the guy also came out to see who she was looking at, he saw me and quickly closed and jammed his door.

Then I jammed my door too. She stood on the walkway for 10minutes. Then she started banging on my door. Calling my line. I didn’t answer. She sent text and also whatsapp.

“Its not what you think. I can explain. Something came up. Please open…I need to discuss something with you. I will not leave if you don’t open”. She did all that for like 20minutes. Then she left. That was the end of our 1+year relationship. She too did not bother to call or text after that day.

The whole thing felt like sharp scorpion sting to me. I never believe what I saw. Anything relationship started irritating me. I don’t think I can go into relationship again. These people are quick to call men dogs, but they are public toilet. I prefer to be dog than be where everyone dump their sper_m.

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