My Elder Brother Could Either Be Possessed Or An Occultic Man – A Concerned Brother Laments

We have been suspicious of my brother’s lifestyle for many years now and recently, his wife is reiterating our suspicion.

We are suspecting my brother of either being possessed, or someone did some juju on him or he belongs to a secret cult based on these two behaviors.

1. He does not like rendering help to his immediate family members but extremely generous outside.

2. He can sleep with anything that has vagina including old, young, fat, slim, beautiful, ugly, single and married women.

My parents gave birth to many children but unfortunately my dad died very early leaving my mother to take care of the responsibilities of the family.

This made my elder brothers to leave home on time to learn trade. Luck smiled on my elder brother and he made money very early. Less than 2 years after he did his freedom, he got his first car and started building his duplex immediately.

Since that time till date, he has only become richer and richer and richer.

We never received any financial assistance from extended family members because their thoughts is that my brother is well to do so we don’t need help but the reality is different.

As rich as my brother became, we continued the petty family business that was very stressful until all of us left home to either university or marriage before my mother stopped the business because it is not what she can do alone.

My brother never cared for my mother. That’s the one that pains me the most whenever I remember the incident of the past and how my mother died in the local village hospital while my brother was at home drinking and entertaining visitors.

My brother would come home for Christmas and pay 6 months electricity bill for every one in our community while giving my mom 15k. He never wants anything to do with us. For him to give you money, you really need to explain what you need the money for and that doesn’t mean you are getting it immediately.

My secondary school classmates thought I came from a very wretched home not knowing that I have a brother that is extremely financially buoyant.

The number of people my brother brought from our village to Lagos to set up are more than 10 that we know. These people ended up bringing their siblings to town and establishing them as well. That is to say that my brother has lifted a lot of families out of poverty but never his family members.

One of my brother was having difficulty in his business and the best that my brother could do was to ask him to park his belongings to go and stay in the village with his wife and children. If not for my intervention that I used 1.9 million to set up a business for him to be repaying me monthly as he sells. This is an amount my brother will never ever give any of us for any reason whatsoever. He would rather gift you 100k to put in your business and go about telling people how he has helped you but you have refused to grow the business. Please, what can 100k really do for a business man?

In fact, I can’t type all that we have experienced with my brother who’s supposed to be our source of upliftment.

For those that will say I should go and work and entitlement mentality thing, all I typed here happened in the past when we were still dependent. None of us demands money from him anymore as we’re all independent financially now.

But recent happenings brought back those memories. My brother and his wife.

We thought that his wife and children would enjoy his money since they are entitled to it but we were wrong.

My brother has several duplexes in my home state and in Lagos yet he lives in a rented two bedroom apartment. In that two bedroom apartment, his children and house boys (boy boy) share the same room and this is not the well developed part of Lagos oo but it’s closer to his market.

My brother can afford to buy land in the place that they live and build standard 3 storey building and give his children a good sense of his wealth but he will never do it.

When the wife asks him for money for hair, he will give her 5k. If she sees a hair that she likes that sells for 50k. My brother will bring out calculator and divide 50k by 500 and tell the wife that that money is enough for him to cut his hair for the next 10 years.

The children don’t dress well like people whose father is super rich. He got an SUV that the wife drives which made people think that the wife is enjoying but inside that woman in the SUV is an unhappy woman that wishes she can turn back the hands of time so she could marry someone else.

Sadly, the wife can’t even complain to us because she took advantage of the way her husband was treating us to treat us badly when she got married to my brother and considering the fact that my brother was the supposed bread winner. Well, we can’t be dependent for life.

Now, the rooster has come home to roost. She’s enjoying the husband “as is”.

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