Things You Should Do As A Father And A Husband So That Your Kids Don’t Love You Less

The Man (Husband)

The world isn’t fair to men, but that’s how the world works, growing up as kids we see more of our mum, they provide the care and all, but we hardly see the real side of our fathers because our mums portray our dad’s as the enforcer who only disciplines, meanwhile the man toils from dawn to dusk to make the money ,it’s the money that our mum’s translate into the good things like food, school bags,fees, clothes, parties etc .

This places the mothers in position of care and weakness, a position that uncannily makes we want to care and protect them, we grow up with that mindset such that when parents are aged we send money to our mums in hope that they’d transform it into something good. Now, this is where we are wrong, women aren’t good with power especially over their husbands, should you take this approach, the women will try to subjugate her husband and soon you’d find your father becoming more naive and have less voice in home affairs.

As a son, who understands , when you send money , send to your mum for the house items with your dad knowing, but also send to your Dad privately for his pocket (even if it’s a quarter of what you gave your mum for the house items) , because a man needs it for his confidence.

The world has no sympathy for men, even in their old age, they have no where to run to, no shoulder to lean on, even their own kids abandon them. No one remembers their struggle, have you heard of any musician singing about how his father prayed for him or advices him?.. it’s always the mums.

If you’re a man and reading this, You can break this circle, be there for your father,

Tell this to your sons also.

How To Act As A Man And A Husband  And Be loved More By Your kids

Many wonder why kids grows up to love their mum more than their dad, even when the financial burden isb100% on the husband.

This article is to clearly open the eyes of husbands in the house and probably show thembhow to play the home politics,  hence strenghtening the bonds between them and their kids.

Now to be a smart and loving husbands and father to your kids,

When the kids did something wrong in your absence and your wife did not discipline the child, but waits for you to come back and discipline them, don’t. Make sure she disciplines them herself, otherwise your kids will think you are a wicked and heartless father.

Don’t always give your wife all the money to buy things for the kids, take the children out to the market, buy them clothes, take them to the grocery store, buy the provision in their present. Let them know you are the one buying them.


If you buy them shoes or anything, make sure they are aware that you are the one buying them. If you do all these, the kids will love you more. This is 2022, don’t allow your wife rob you of your years of labor when it’s time to reap.

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