How I Slept With My Elder Brother For More Than 14 Years All Because Of…

Evil has recently been on the rise, with several adolescents in their search for fast money engaging in the act, which they later regret in life due to the terms and circumstances associated with it.

It is commonly assumed that men are the only ones who indulge in the practice, but this is not the case this time, as ladies have also taken up the act of becoming wealthy through money rituals.

A woman told how she was forced to sleep with her brother under the supervision of a ritualist in order to generate money, and she did so for 16 years.


According to her, the ritualist informed her that it was the only way she could become wealthy and that if they dared to stop, they would perish.

It all started when the siblings were encouraged by their classmates, who were already interacting with the man who led them through the initiation process and was given a get-rich-quick scheme by a native doctor.

Lerato Mathibedi, the woman at the center of the scandal, stated that she was 27 and her brother was 29 when they sought advise from a native doctor on how to generate money. She said that the local doctor gave them a charm that made them all hot and aroused and told them to have sex once a week.

She said that they were desperate and did as he suggested, and that, subsequently, she and her brother lived relatively well since they bought a house, were engaged in several enterprises, and had a lot of money.

The now 43-year-old South African says things took a turn for the worst after her brother died in February 2018.

She gradually lost her fortune in her account and is now left with only her residence.

“What bothers me the most is that my brother died with our fortune?” If anything like that happened, I wish we had a strategy.”


According to Lerato Mathibedi, the native doctor told them they had to have intercourse at least once a week, but they liked it and made it a daily ritual until her brother died, heralding her demise.

“I only had one boyfriend in my life, but after I started sleeping with my brother, there was no need for me to have another.” My brother supplied the finest sex and riches. I know that seems unusual, but our parents died when we were little, so we had to rely on one another.”

She said that she attempted suicide by overdosing on medications. “I began to despise myself and everyone around me.” I despised them for sparing me from suicide, but I had to stand strong and fix my life at some time.”

She was unable to find work. She looked for the first native doctor but couldn’t find him, so she enlisted the assistance of another native doctor. He couldn’t, however, assist her. “I don’t want to die penniless.” “I require assistance.”

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