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Cubana Chief Priest in the Mud as Random Man offers to help with child’s upkeep.

Following the recent fallout between Cubana Chief Priest and his Kenyan alleged baby mama as regards their child, a cyber security expert named Charles Ewuzie has taken to his facebook community to tell the general public that since Cubana chief priest has denied the child with the Kenyan lady, he has decided to take responsibility for the child’s upkeep.

Charles Awuzie stated that if the Kenyan lady was still stranded in Lagos state, then he would also help her communicate with the Kenyan government to help her get her back.

He also added that if the lady refuses to take her offer, then it would be evident that her actions was just a plot to drag Cubana Chief Priest to the mud.

Awuzie mentioned that Kenyans have the brightest minds in Africa and that a Kenyan cannon be left stranded on Nigerian soil with a new born baby just because the the man she believes to be the father of the baby claims not to be responsible.

He however sends a message to men. He said β€œif a woman says you are responsible for their baby and you once had sex with her without protection, please treat the woman with humanity, she,s someone’s daughter, she deserves some closure. Privately arrange DNA and confirm paternity.”

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