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“This is Why I Love To Expose My Body” Actress, Zainab Bakare Reveals

In a recent interview with City People TV, Bakare Zainab, a popular Nollywood actress who has faced criticism for her revealing outfits, explained why she prefers to wear such clothes.

According to her, she chooses to wear what makes her feel comfortable, rather than to intentionally expose her body.

She further explained that her choice of clothing is influenced by Nigeria’s hot weather, which often makes her feel uncomfortable.

She added that she doesn’t think anyone has the right to judge her for her choice of clothing, as it’s a personal decision. Bakare emphasized that fashion should be about what makes an individual feel comfortable, rather than what others think of them. She also revealed that she is 35 years old and feels that it’s nobody’s business how she chooses to dress.

She said “I wear what I am comfortable in. This isn’t about exposing my body. Fashion isn’t what people think about you, it is what you are comfortable in. Nigeria’s weather is bad and sometimes I feel hot and sometimes I feel okay. I don’t think it is anybody’s business the way I dress. I am an adult. I am 35 – really! Some of my age mates have given birth in their husband’s house”.

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