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University student stabbed to death over N1000

A final year student of the Adekunle Ajasin University has been stabbed to death over a one thousand naira dispute with an indegene of the school’s host community. The deceased is identified as Temitayo and is said to have just signed out as a final year student of the institution and was awaiting his project defense before he met his demise.

According to reports, Temitayo was stabbed with a scissors at the early hours of Thursday at the Akungba area of the state.

The deceased was rushed to Aduloju Hospital where he was checked up on before giving in to his serious injuries and passing away.

The student union of the University told the People’s Gazzete that Temitayo had put himself in between a dispute of one Egbon Adugbo and a third party and he promised to settle the bill for the debtor.

Temitayo fulfilled his promise and payed three thousand naira out of the four thousand naira debt. It was however the one thousand naira debt that led to an argument which later led to his debt.

A source said “A guy (the third party) was owing them money,” the source said “and he told them (the perpetrators) that he will help the guy to pay the money to avoid drama. So he paid 3k out of the 4K and couldn’t raise the last 1k. So they started disturbing him and he said they should stop disturbing him that he did not owe them that he only rendered a help and this afternoon(today) a guy came into the villa.

“As usual they acted as Egbon ADUGBO to collect money. So he said he can’t give them, which led into an argument as if they’d meant to deal with him … and they came from nowhere to stab him after a lot of arguments and they scattered the villa with bottles and spoiled our gate.”

The Public Relations Officer of the Police Force in the state reacted to the situation saying this.

An indigene had an issue with a student, and one thing led to another, and he stabbed the student, which resulted in the student’s death.

“Students took to the street to protest. The body was taken to the morgue by the police, and while it was there, some people mobilized to the suspect’s mother’s house to set it ablaze.

“The police and the people are there to put out the fire. I believe supporting divisions, Ikare and Iwaro Area Command will join Akungba personnel to restore peace and normalcy.”

May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

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