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Hakimi: See how much Korra Obidi paid her husband after their divorce

Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, a dancer and singer based in America but originally from Nigeria, who is known by the name Korra, has revealed that she paid half of her bride price and also settled her ex-husband Justin Dean $50,000 after they got divorced.

Some people had criticized her for allegedly marrying Justin for his money and then leaving him once she had enough. Korra addressed these criticisms during her Facebook Live session, stating that she paid Justin the money and got nothing from him after their divorce.

She also mentioned that she met Justin in China and paid half of her bride price during their marriage ceremony. Korra made this revelation after purchasing a new home.

She said, “I met by Justin in China where our love affair started. I paid half of my bride price during the marriage ceremony.

“I paid that man $50,000. He did not give me one dime. I had to settle him after divorce.”

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