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How: From Viral Nudes To 15 Million Dollars Bride Price – Ifunanya Excel

Social media users have once again been taken by surprise as a viral beautiful lawyer declares how much her bride price will be. She made this proclamation also stating why her bride price was fixed at the said price.

The lady who is identified as Ifunanya Excel to to her social media handle to let the men who are interested in her know how much they will be paying to get her to marry them.

Recall that the black beauty gained social media recognition after her private videos surfaced online many months ago.

According to her, her bride price is worth fifteen million dollars. She stated confidently giving her reasons to the fact that she is still a virgin.

Her response to the viral nude video of herself some time ago was

“Well, the nudes leaked and it wasn’t my fault contrary to popular opinion. Because people feel like, the way I’m wild, I will go to the length of leaking my nudes maybe for popularity or anything but that was not what happened, honestly.

“If I have my way, I wouldn’t even want that to happen. But that is how I saw it and there is nothing I can do. Well, it’s actually a picture. Just a picture. It wasn’t a video. I’m sure that many people have seen the picture. And funny enough I don’t feel ashamed of it. I think the picture is actually sexy. But as I said, it was just a mistake.” She said.

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